Going Whole

The 6 week guide to transform your health, one wholefood meal at a time

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Going Whole is the 6 week guide to transform your health, one wholefood meal at a time and kicks off for Summer on Monday, 13th November.

What happens after I join?

Not to worry, you don't have to do a thing. We will email you each week letting you know what's coming up in the program.

While the program officially begins in November, you'll receive access to your starter pack and Prep Kit.

The Prep Kit will teach you all about balanced eating and set you up on the road to success. Print it out, and keep it handy as you’re working through the weeks. 

In the meantime, check your inbox once you sign up to see how you can let the world know you're #GoingWhole.

Let's Go Whole together!

What's included?

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Progress Tracker
Progress Tracker
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Week 4 - Meal Plan and Prep Guide.pdf
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Week 4 - Shopping List.pdf
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Week 4 - Recipes.pdf
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Week 4 - Weekly Reads.pdf
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Week 3
Week 3 - Shopping List.pdf
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Week 3 - Meal Plan and Prep Guide
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Week 3 - Recipes.pdf
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Week 3 Weekly Reads.pdf
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Week 2
Week 2 - Meal Plan & Prep Guide
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Week 2 - Recipes
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Week 2 - Shopping List
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Week 2 - Weekly Reads
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Week 1
Week 1 - Shopping List.pdf
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Week 1 - Meal Plan & Prep Guide
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Week 1 - Recipes
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Week 1 - Weekly Reads
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Prep Kit
Prep Kit
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Shopping Directory (Brands We Trust)
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How To Read Food Labels eBook
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